How Prestashop Mobile App is Driving M-Commerce Growth

One of the biggest ecommerce platforms currently in market, Prestashop was launched in the year 2008. An open sourced platform, Prestashop serves as a platform to 227,387 active websites. The popularity can be attributed to its intelligent merchant KPI, exclusive forecasting and its intuitive dashboard and also its tie ups with ecommerce giants like amazon.  But Prestashop’s biggest role has been in the growth of mobile commerce. Ecommerce is now mobile centric for the most part.

 m-commerce will reach $284 billion, or 45% of the total U.S. e-commerce market, by 2020.

And Prestashop’s approach has kept in pace with this development. With its numerous features that make it mobile friendly it has been one of the biggest benefactors of m-commerce.


Cataloguing Products

You can create and configure products including their features and values. You can even sell custom products by letting your consumers upload files.You can categorize products for better cataloguing of the inventory. You can also run and track the product inventory in real time via your mobile phone.

Configuring the store

Configuring of the store is in your hand. You can select the no. of payment methods to support, choose the various shipping methods to offer. How the consumer navigates the store and has a pleasant and memorable user experience is also governed by you. Checkout page can be configured so as to ensure the highest conversion rate possible.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments have always been viewed with an air of uncertainty, in addition to providing secure mobile payment options Prestashop also allows you to boost the consumer confidence further by displaying the payment logos. This is especially significant given that

U.S. mobile payments are on pace to grow at an 80% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2020, topping $503 billion within the next two years.

Customer Engagement

Cart abandonment rate in ecommerce is one of biggest banes. Prestashop helps you tackle these by continuously engaging the consumer by sending them emails containing their shopping cart items. It even sends customer email alerts for when products are back in stock

Social Media

Your webstore can be connected with social media platform via Prestashop mobile app, the app itself contains the direct links to your store’s instagram, facebook and twitter accounts for enhanced online traffic to your store.


Ad revenue

You can even get third party business to put their ads on your store app, this can serve as a source of revenue but excessive ads can turn the customer off. On the plus side via this revenue model you can easily make your Prestashop app free for download on app stores.

Order Management

The options for order management are numerous; orders can be edited on consumer request. E-invoice slips can be generated and also configurations can be made to receive notification for every new order. Moreover customer can be kept updated with the state of their order in real time, by sending them push notifications on the Prestashop mobile app.

Consumer Loyalty

You can even run rewards program to increase loyalty and consumer retention rate. Personalize their shopping experience by gathering insights based on their product browsing history

Stats management

It also helps you keep data and stats pertaining to sales volume, impact of marketing campaigns, app visitors, data traffic, and consumer engagement. Moreover you can use the above metrics in forecasting your next sales stats.


The customizability of Prestashop comes from the fact that it is open sourced. You can any number of modules and themes to develop the app according to your vision. You can run multiple stores using just a single back office.
Branching out internationally too has never been as easy. You can set currency exchange rates, the no. of shipping methods and even have multiple language support for the various regions of the world.



Its features like above that make a Prestashop one of the biggest motivators behind m-commerce growth. All of the features mentioned above are fully supported and highly optimized for the mobile app version; it’s a no compromise approach. With changing trends and fast paced life styles, sedentary desktop bound ecommerce market is on its way out. With smartphones today almost as capable as mid range PCs and a fraction their size, they are the new way of shopping for consumers. It’s just a matter of time before it turns dominant.


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